A Year in Review

May 27, 2011 – The Gasoline Girls: One Year Down the Road, $4.50 a Gallon, and Still Not Outta Gas!  This month the Gasoline Girls Car Club commemorates its one year anniversary. With 365 days and countless miles behind us, we look towards the future.  But before we discuss our goals on the horizon, we would … More A Year in Review

Rollin’ Strong!

Last year at this time, a yet-to-be-named all girls car club was simply an idea in Kristin and Becky Sue’s minds. They wanted a club of girls who genuinely had the desire to work on their cars and grow their knowledge base. So over time, they sought out like-minded girls, had a few casual meet-ups, wrote by-laws and a mission statement for the club, and finally their dream became a reality. Now the GASOLINE GIRLS are rolling strong, learning tons, and building bonds along the way. … More Rollin’ Strong!

Lori and Bondorella

AUGUST 6, 2010 – I’ve always been a Ford truck girl, maybe because of my hillbilly blood. In college, I drove my daddy’s old ’69 Ford Stepside, later had a ’70 Ford F250 Sport Custom Camper Special, so when I got the itch to have an old truck again, the ’48 became the obvious choice … More Lori and Bondorella