What being a G-Girl is all about!

APRIL 25, 2012 – By now, the core values of the Gasoline Girls are clear, right? (Thirst for knowledge and the desire to do the job herself… or at least try!) This past January, two new girls came to our meeting, Jennifer and Rochelle, who truly exemplify the foundations of what the Gasoline Girls are about… … More What being a G-Girl is all about!

A Common Spark

JANUARY 23, 2012 – Always being a proponent for not out casting certain cars because they’re not in our scene (Gasoline Girls don’t have any year/make/style distinctions in our membership bylaws,) it was encouraging to find an article expressing “we’re all in love with one thing” on a site that is a bit outside of our niche. … More A Common Spark

Spark Plugs and Compression Tests – Tuning Session #1

OCTOBER 24, 2011 – We’re constantly working on learning new things in the Gasoline Girls – and that includes skills for every level. All of us could use to learn more about tuning engines. To make a start with this, we decided to begin with the basics during our October meeting – changing spark plugs, … More Spark Plugs and Compression Tests – Tuning Session #1

Yikes! No Brakes!

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 – Lori’s Bad Brake Experience and How to Fix Them… the SLOW way! I came to appreciate something a few Saturdays ago. BRAKES!! We take them for granted, assuming when we press the pedal, we’ll stop. But… OH HELL! When you press the pedal and it goes to the floor?? That’s a … More Yikes! No Brakes!

Callie and Lolita

SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 – Remember when the classic car bug bit you? Here’s Callie’s story… At six years old, Callie fell in love. Not with some cute boy down the street. Or with a new doll. She fell in love with a car, a pale yellow ’65 Impala convertible driven by her dad’s friend. “He … More Callie and Lolita

Back to School!

AUGUST 18, 2011 – In case you haven’t noticed, our summer has been packed with social activities: going to car shows, volunteering for the Rosie’s Girls program, making a trophy for Tiki Highway, buffing all of the cars to show quality, but behind the scenes, there’s still a whole lot of work going on under … More Back to School!

Buffing day!

AUGUST 1, 2011 – Putting Our New Chicago Pneumatic Polisher to the Test Everyone knows that girls like shiny things and the Gasoline Girls especially like shiny cars!  Take Lori’s sparkly bare-metal ’48 Ford for instance! So, when it came time to polish our rides for the Tiki Highway Show in Huntington Beach, CA our … More Buffing day!