Rosa Rovira

’65 Ford Falcon

’51 Hudson Commodore


Rosa has a long time love of vintage cars. At one point, Rosa even considered pursuing a career as an auto mechanic, but life took her another direction. Restoring an old car isn’t cheap, especially when you have a family, but Rosa is determined to make the ’65 Falcon that’s been in her family for 17 years, the most bad-ass car on the road.

Rosa also has a project car, a ’51 Hudson Commodore 8. She’s still in the planning stages, but can’t wait to get the beauty on the road.

Read more about her ride, here.


Ever since the Gasoline Girl plaque went up, she felt mine again and I love that!!! Plus cruising with her is always an adventure. With juggling motherhood, work, and a hobby, I’m usually out driving somewhere so I thought what a perfect name for my car, Callejera. Even though my car needs a lot of work and money to get the process going, it’ll happen. You’ll see. I am the least experienced working on cars, but love it when I do get a chance to get greasy – and the learning process is my motivation.


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