Kristin Cline


Current project cars:

  • 1955 Studebaker
  • 1966 Ford F-100
  • 1983 Kawasaki 750


Kristin didn’t know what she was getting into when she purchased her ’55 Studebaker, intending it to be her daily driver around Los Angeles. It took 1 1/2 years to get it roadworthy, and during that time Kristin loved all the things she learned and time spent in the garage. It wasn’t until showing up at her first car show with Studie that she realized there weren’t as many women as men in the car world.

Grease Girl and Studie at Speedweek

That led her to launching Grease Girl and beginning to share her car learning journey as well as launching Gasoline Girls along with Becky Sue, the first gal she met who was also as passionate about building cars as Kristin was.

7.Gasoline Girls Car Club at VLV 2011

Since then, cars have veered Kristin’s entire life into a different course. Her career path changed from medicine to automotive journalism and marketing. She is now Editor-in-Chief of Driving Line and continues adding to Grease Girl as well.

Transmission Road Test

Long term, Kristin has a vision of creating a program/business to teach women in jeopardy mechanical skills that can translate into possible careers, thus combining both of her passions: automotive mechanics and social justice.

©povipullinen-5056Photo courtesy of Povi Pullinen

Kristin is lucky to have paired up with her dream car as her first vintage car project. Studie, a ’55 Studebaker Champion, is a work in progress and a labor of love. Over the years, Kristin has learned varied skills from general mechanics (such as changing a transmission, brakes, and lashing valves) to upholstery, pinstripping and rebuilding an engine.


Moving to Texas in 2018, Kristin’s involvement with the Gasoline Girls has changed a bit—but she’s still part of the club. In the move Kristin swapped her ’60 Falcon to a ’66 F100 because everyone needs a truck in Texas! She also swapped a cramped garage for a huge shop space that she’s got all sorts of plans dreamt up for

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