Jessie Sanchez

1962 Ford Falcon “RED”

I researched tons of cars on the Internet and always came back to the Ford Falcon.  My second cousin Janette had an olive green 1965 Falcon that I loved.  It was a convertible, with black interior. She kept it immaculate.  Years, later when I was old enough to drive, I boldly asked my cousin if I could buy the car from her.  She chuckled and said, “Hun, I am never selling the car. I am going to pass it down to your cousin Elizabeth.”  I was so devastated.

Years later, I came across a Red 1962 Ford Falcon on an Internet search.  My heart, I kid you not, was racing! The next day I caravaned the entire family over to see my wonderful find. It was like Heaven’s rays shone down on Red saying this is definitely the car I should own.  She was a Red on Red exterior/interior. Now if you know the 1962 Falcons, they have this elevated hood that appears to smile, as is saying, “Go on! Take me for a drive.” The straight six engine roared up and down the Silverlake hills with ease.

I went back the next day after haggling with the owner on the price and preparing myself for yet another disappoint, and was presently surprised to see I had become the owner of Red!

Super stoked driving Red from Silverlake to Sherman Oaks, I felt ecstatic and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and found myself using any reason to “go to the store to pick up much needed items.”  Kinda felt like, for a moment, I was cheating on my husband and the kids with my new car!

A couple of days later, so excited to show my Mom (who is one of my best friends) my “New Car”, she looked at me with a super surprised look on her face and went back into the house and pulled out an old photo of her sticking her head out of a Red 1962 Ford Falcon my Grandfather Ademar later had to sell to put food on the table for the family.  Somehow I was tied to the car, it was crazy to know that I exact car I choose for my family and I was the same make, model and color as one my Grandfather Ademar sold just shortly after being purchased in 1965. I feel a strong connection to Red. I want my first born, Alexis to have her when she graduates from High School.

2 thoughts on “Jessie Sanchez

  1. I love the falcons, my woman friend had a 61 white, a few yrs ago. I just sold my 69 fairlane 500 last yr. SAD day, needed money. only went 2 streets over to a 25 yr old woman!

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