Jenn Arens


Current project cars:

  • 1966 Chevrolet Suburban
  • 1965 C-10

Jenn’s love for old cars stems back from memories of when she was a little girl—sitting around her dad’s machine shop, sweeping up metal shavings from the precision cutting machines, smelling grease and oil, and seeing how stained her dad’s hands were after a hard day’s work. He also had an old yellow ’65 Chevy C10 stepside that she’d watch him tinker on. It’s those memories that drove the passion in Jenn to get her own hands dirty. But it couldn’t be just any gas guzzling, road hogging machine… it had to be just like her dads! Sadly, Jenn was only 12 when her dad passed away and his “Old Yellow” was lost and never again to be found.


After searching many years for a project truck of her own—either the money wasn’t there and perfect projects were many or the money was there and a perfect project was no where to be found—eventually the perfect project came along, a ’65 C10 long bed fleetside. Not exactly like her dad’s, but she loved the long sleek bodylines and couldn’t wait to get under the hood. Unfortunately, once the excitement had settled Jen was overwhelmed with the realization that the truck was really just a rolling chassis and needed everything under the hood. Where to begin???

Working a full-time job, being a part-time student, and full-time mom to two kids didn’t allow much time to begin such a huge project with zero experience. So, the truck sat patiently waiting. A couple years later, while wandering aimlessly around the Pomona Swapmeet, Jen came across a ’65 Suburban for sale and immediately fell in love! It had the same long sleek body as the truck, with the added benefits of being more unique and able to hold the whole family! While the Burb provides opportunity for some projects and learning, she was running and perfect for a daily driver.


That first month of owning her, Jenn got her first chance at wrenching—needing to change out the starter 3 times thanks to bad starter cores from the local auto parts store. Since then she’s gotten plenty more opportunities for learning under the hood, including some body work and interior as well.

The C10 has now been inherited by Jenn’s daughter, who has taken up the same love for classics as her Mom.