Meet the Girls

The Gasoline Girls Motor Club was created with the mindset to be a working club. Co-Founders Kristin and Becky Sue met each other at Viva Las Vegas 2010, where they had both brought the cars they’d been working and learning on. Nearly the only girls they could find who’d brought a car to that large show, and it seemed the only girls who’d worked on them, the two were eager to find more women who wrenched on their rides and inspire and empower more to get into the garage.

From there the club has had various twists and turns and has adapted to fit the lives of its members. We’re not about being the biggest club at the show or being seen everywhere… we’re in it for the long haul and are about learning and working on our cars and growing as friends and supporting one another.

Currently the club is made up of six members, as well as some “friends of,” located across the Los Angeles and Riverside counties and the High Desert Region (and now one’s moved off to Texas).

Click the pictures to read more about the Gasoline Girls and their cars!

Photo-Frame-KristinKristin Cline | Co-Founder | 1955 Studebaker Champion

Photo-Frame-RosaRosa Rovira | Founding Member | 1965 Ford Falcon

Photo-Frame-PatiPati Fairchild | Member since 2011 | 1961 Chrysler New Yorker

Photo-Frame-RochelleRochelle Price | Member since 2012 | Always changing cars, here with ’65 Barracuda

Photo-Frame-JenniferJennifer Dunnagan | Member since 2012 | Always changing cars, here with ’23 T-bucket

Photo-Frame-JENNJenn Arens | Member since 2015 | 1966 Chevrolet Suburban

The best way to get involved is to follow along with us on Facebook or Instagram – we do our best to post current happenings there. We are always eager to meet new gals who are working on, or want to work on, their rides!

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