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Pati’s Big Metal Flake Project


When you’re dealing with a Chrysler New Yorker, painting is no easy feat but pro Pati never broke a sweat when undertaking to prep, paint, and metal flake this enormous car all in a day! With helping… Continue reading

Testing an Ammeter


I (Pati) found this amp gauge (ammeter) at a swap meet recently for one dollar! My plan was to research what vehicle it goes to, then sell it on eBay and make a few… Continue reading

Pati’s Truck Project: Continuation on a Theme


Pati’s ’51 Chevy Pickup Custom Dash & Interior – Part III When we left off in Part 2, my custom dash was ready for paint and clear, but before I did that I… Continue reading

Learning to Paint While Making “Red” Red


Just in time for the All Girl’s Car Show put on by Pati for El Camino College and her Girls in the Garage program, Jessie and some of the gals got together to… Continue reading

Pati’s Truck Project: Stepping “Custom” Up A Notch


AUGUST 25, 2012 – Pati had a long list of things to do on her ’51 Chevy Pickup this summer. She might not be too far down that list…but she’s decided to take her… Continue reading

What being a G-Girl is all about!


APRIL 25, 2012 – By now, the core values of the Gasoline Girls are clear, right? (Thirst for knowledge and the desire to do the job herself… or at least try!) This past January,… Continue reading

When Bad Work Happens….


MARCH 18, 2012 – For years, the notion that women are likely to be ripped off in shops has been rampant. But really, it’s not just women, but rather, the unknowing in general… Continue reading

Pati’s Truck Project: Custom Dash


JANUARY 27, 2012 – Pati takes the prize in our club for most number of super cool projects. She doesn’t have one, or even two… but seven fabulous beasts to care for.  You… Continue reading

It’s Just Glass, Right?


NOVEMBER 15, 2011 – This past weekend at the monthly Girls in the Garage event that Pati hosts, we all got a chance to learn a little more about weatherstripping. It just so happened that… Continue reading

Spark Plugs and Compression Tests – Tuning Session #1


OCTOBER 24, 2011 – We’re constantly working on learning new things in the Gasoline Girls – and that includes skills for every level. All of us could use to learn more about tuning… Continue reading

Yikes! No Brakes!


SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 – Lori’s Bad Brake Experience and How to Fix Them… the SLOW way! I came to appreciate something a few Saturdays ago. BRAKES!! We take them for granted, assuming when… Continue reading

Back to School!


AUGUST 18, 2011 – In case you haven’t noticed, our summer has been packed with social activities: going to car shows, volunteering for the Rosie’s Girls program, making a trophy for Tiki Highway,… Continue reading

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