About The Club

So who are the Gasoline Girls?

2017_All-Girls-Car-Show-IMG_5586.jpgCurrent Members (from left): Rosa, Jennifer, Jenn (+ daughter), Rochelle, Pati & Kristin

We’re a So Cal Motor Club with a common passion: things with Gasoline!! Our primary goal? To learn as much as we can about keeping our cars and motorcycles on the road and rolling strong. We’re powered-up about encouraging and inspiring other ladies to become knowledgeable and hands-on as well. Along the way we hope to grow as friends while working on and learning about our cars as a group. While most of us have a heart for the classics, we don’t discriminate!

First event for the Gasoline Girls, Primer Nationals, 2010! Original Members: Lori, Rosa, Becky Sue, and Kristin.

If you’re a lady and interested in meeting up with us, follow along on our Facebook page and join in on any event we post about attending!

gasoline girls all ladies classic car club
The night we chose the name Gasoline Girls! May, 2010