New Year, New Car Projects

Some do new year’s resolutions, but for the Gasoline Girls and many car people, the turn of a new year is time to think about goals for what’s in your garage. Maybe it’s a long-term project or maybe it’s something you want to get done before a certain car show or adventure… but usually the list is longer than what any of us have time or money for!

Here are the car projects on the top of our list – what’s on yours?


Jenn & her ’66 Burb


  • Replace ball joints before Viva Las Vegas
  • Disk brake conversion
  • Upholster 3rd row seat
  • Matte clear coat to protect exterior

Wish list:

  • Convert to 5-lug
  • Bag it & add bellflower tips
  • Upgrade to Supreme wheels

Pati & her many Beasts

  • Finish the ’51 Chevy pickup
  • Get new garage space set-up
  • Clean out and sell extra stuff from shop
  • Begin new Hearse project!

Kristin & her ’55 Stude

  • Replace rear diff gasket then drive & enjoy Studie as much as possible
  • Plan, begin getting parts & save $$$ for engine swap and full resto… she’s getting a Barra engine in 2020!
  • First bike work… 1980 Kawasaki 750 LTD tune-up (it’s been sitting 10+ years)
  • Along with hubs, do full resto on our ’66 F-100 in time for Lone Star Roundup

Rosa and her ’65 Falcon


  • Window weather stripping
  • Door panel replacement
  • E-brake reinstall
  • Horn hook-up
  • Replace headlamp retaining rings
  • Disc brake conversion
  • Replace left vent window
  • More body work

Wish list:

  • Air bag suspension
  • Replace motor & transmission

Rochelle and her Cadi

  • Fix it!

One thought on “New Year, New Car Projects

  1. Morning Girls from the other side of the world, a very happy new years to you all, a safe one to you all. Thanks for the email, david, Tasmania, Australia, cheers.

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