Pati’s Big Metal Flake Project

When you’re dealing with a Chrysler New Yorker, painting is no easy feat but pro Pati never broke a sweat when undertaking to prep, paint, and metal flake this enormous car all in a day! With helping hands from the rest of the Gasoline Girls, along with some El Camino College students and even our new New York pal Hot Rodeo Ed we made quick work of sanding and taping. Next, Pati showed everyone how to spray paint and dry flake on practice panels. From there it was a lot of time in the paint booth! A number of hands got involved with practicing spraying on a car with Pati doing the bulk of it. We worked right up until it was time to hit the hay and came back the next day to see the results. From there Pati did wet sanding and more work in order to get it ready for the Mooneyes show. While this won’t be the New Yorker’s final paint job, it’ll hold it over until Pati is ready for that project!

Many thanks to Pati and El Camino College for providing such a great project and place to work on it! And thanks to Ed for flying out just to join in!

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