Why We’re Wrecking A Car…

MAY 10, 2012 – Perhaps you’ve already heard…but we’re wrecking a car. And by wreck I mean we’re entering a Demolition Derby! If you’re wondering why we’re willing to sacrifice a dear old beast of a car – please read our response to that.

An opportunity came up in the past month to be part of the “Damsels of Destruction” – an all-girl demolition derby with a purpose of raising money to fight breast cancer.

It didn’t take us long to decide this mission fit our club perfectly and we’ve jumped into action. Within a month we’ve set a course, purchased a car, and deconstructed it. We’re well on our way into this grand new adventure!

Of course, we’ve created a blog to document our journey as well as help raise support for the project and ultimately the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation – visit it here.

And lastly – if you’d like to come support us at the derby, it will be held August 10th, 8pm @ OC County Fair. Tickets are going fast (and we hear waiting in line isn’t very successful) – so get ’em while their hot!

One thought on “Why We’re Wrecking A Car…

  1. Destroying a vehicle to raise money for a good cause is admirable. BUT destroying a perfectly restoreable gem who’s numbers get smaller daily is a sin! You really want to do something worthy, kill 2 birds with one stone. have an all PT Cruiser demolition derby for the cure!

    You know, rid the earth of ugly useless P.O.S. cars while saving american steel. I’d pay real good money to see the purposeful destruction of those ugly wanna be classic turds. I’d also stay away from your derby no matter what the cause if I seen old driveable american steel being put to death.

    Lets face it, there aren’t any examples of new “All American Made” products out there. Save breasts AND classic Amercan Steel vehicles.

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