A New Year; A New Name… kinda…

JANUARY 15, 2012 – First of all, Happy 2012!! With the New Year, comes a slight modification to the Gasoline Girls name. Only a little one! Wanna know what it is?? Well, be patient… and let the story unfold.

Our January Meeting!

You see… it’s not just CARS the Gasoline Girls love, it’s also MOTORCYCLES. Lori has been riding for years and has several two-wheeled beasts… okay, maybe a FEW more than several.

Lori and her ’04 1200 Roadster dubbed the Chromester

Last summer, she loaded her Honda TL125 into Bondorella and headed to El Mirage.

Kristin had been interested in bikes for a while, but once she hopped on, she really became hooked. And she was a natural! The seed was planted. One of her goals this year is to complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s riding course.

Kristin tearin’ it up at El Mirage!

Our girl Rosa has a passion for bikes, too. Harley-Davidsons to be exact. She has visions of screaming across the pavement on a hog, all stemming from her wee-bit of an obsession with Sons of Anarchy. She even got to meet the star last year!

And because Lori needs another bike, she’s taken on a little build project. She recently traded her ’77 Bonneville T-140 to her feller for a ’69 Triumph Trophy 250. The reason? The 750 Bonneville was kickin’ her butt in the kickstart realm.

1977 Triumph Bonneville T-140

Sure, he got the better deal considering the Bonnie is in perfect original shape and ready to be ridden, but Lori is excited because the 250 is a project!

The engine has already been rebuilt and put in the frame, but everything else is in a bin ready to be reassembled, and Lori is going to do it with the help of the 66 Motor Palace! Stay tuned for updates on her first motorcycle assembly! Here it is roughly put together.

Click to see project pictures!

This just in! After posting this blog, we learned our girl Adele also has a motorcycle history! She was sick for our January meeting and couldn’t make it, but we just found out she used to ride dirt bikes at her grandmother’s house in the desert, and loved it. She considers Sophia, her ’53 Chevy, her first mid-life crisis, and wants her second to be getting a motorcycle! Who knew??

So because motorcycles have crept their way into the club (they’re sneaky little devils!) we voted for a change. We are now the Gasoline Girls MOTOR Club! Recognizing that just because a vehicle might only have two wheels instead of four…gasoline still runs through its veins.

Watch out as we don our One Stars and boots and raise holy hell on the streets! Lock up your men! Hide the hootch! The Gasoline Girls are coming to town!!…. Okay. So, maybe we won’t turn into some hoodlum gang or anything, but sure sounds fun, right?

Coming soon: Falcon Fun!

4 thoughts on “A New Year; A New Name… kinda…

  1. Man you girls are awesome, love the bikes. On the 7th picture down is that a bike with a side car in the garage? I also would love to get an older hog but financially had to to settle for an ’83 Honda Shadow that I got from a neighbor for 1000 bucks. Looking to put a side car on it so could give the grand kids rides. Keep up the good work and fun adventures:)

    1. Thanks, Ruben! Yes, that is a bike with a sidecar! A ’78 BMW R100 with a Jawa sidecar. It’s a whole lot of fun! Thanks for reading!

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