Back to School!

AUGUST 18, 2011 – In case you haven’t noticed, our summer has been packed with social activities: going to car shows, volunteering for the Rosie’s Girls program, making a trophy for Tiki Highway, buffing all of the cars to show quality, but behind the scenes, there’s still a whole lot of work going on under the hood—part and parcel of owning a classic.

Like Kristin for instance. She recently had a power loss issue on the freeway and posted a Facebook question looking for answers. Many great suggestions were offered: Fuel pump, coil, distributor… she explored them all and solved the problem.

And these are just a few of the responses!

And Lori. Bondorella’s flathead didn’t have much vacuum, so she traced the problem and found a T between the crankcase ventilator and the vacuum port to be the issue, and by bypassing the PCV, brought the vacuum up to what it should be.

Adele’s working on diagnosing her Chevy’s illness…

Michelle has a pesky carburetor problem she’s dealing with…

Pati’s been hard at work on a customer’s Merc…

And Miss Callie frantically worked with her dad to get her ’63 Comet on the road for the Tiki Highway show, and succeeded!

Each and every girl involved in the club has ongoing issues to deal with on their cars. So while we may not have been chronicling every turn of the wrench, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been happening on an individual basis.

In the beginning, we dreamed of group wrench days where we’d solve problems together. However, much of the day-to-day care for a classic is easier done in one’s own garage or driveway in whatever hours can be managed rather than organizing a time when all of us can get together at an equally convenient location.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t still learn together and work together. Often times maybe only two or three Gasoline Girls will get together – or maybe it’s just a phone call – or the added courage you get by knowing you’ve got back up. And yes…as all Gasoline Girls are still learning (and really, isn’t everyone!?) we aren’t ashamed to go for outside help when its needed either.

For example when we were upgrading the brakes on Kristin’s Stude. ABS Power Brake had provided her with a new dual-reservoir master cylinder so she would never lose her brakes again.  We completed the job – switching out the masters and running new hard brake lines…but upon testing the car, knew something wasn’t quite right. Deciding not to risk it on something as important as brakes, Kristin had Stude towed into ABS Power Brake in Orange so they could help her finish the job correctly.  It ended up that some of the geometry was off with the rod in the new master and the guys at ABS taught Kristin a ton more that day as she stood by as they fine tuned her brake system. (We’re still waiting on Kristin to write the full article!)

Even though we needed help with this job, we still learned a ton: pulling an old master out and putting a new one in, installing and routing new brake lines, bleeding the brakes. In our eyes, there’s no shame in asking for help. The Gasoline Girl’s mission is to learn as much as we can and encourage others to do the same. Much of the reason for becoming a club is to share knowledge, lend a hand, and encourage one another in learning…and of course to have fun together along the way!

To that effect…the Gasoline Girls are headed back to school! From the beginning we’ve wanted to pull in experts who can school us on various automotive aspects….however we’ve found that a lot of our time has been eaten up involved with shows and being social butterflies. Not that we haven’t enjoyed every minute spent, but it’s time to refocus on our learning mission! For instance, we’d all love to become better tuners. So how about a carburetor class? A timing session? All about distributors?

If you or someone you know in the LA area think you would be good teachers for a learning segment and would be interested in hanging out with the Gasoline Girls for an evening and teaching us a thing or two, please let us know. We’d feed ya… and maybe even scrape together some funds from our coffers. A T-shirt? Sure! What about an oil rag and pressure gauge?

Our goal is to become as proficient as we can, and who better to learn from than our peers? If interested, drop us a line at

And as always, thanks for your continuing support.

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