Buffing day!

AUGUST 1, 2011 – Putting Our New Chicago Pneumatic Polisher to the Test

Everyone knows that girls like shiny things and the Gasoline Girls especially like shiny cars!  Take Lori’s sparkly bare-metal ’48 Ford for instance! So, when it came time to polish our rides for the Tiki Highway Show in Huntington Beach, CA our buffer of choice was the CP7269P, CP’s pneumatic polisher with a 7” buffing pad.  With the help of this little power house we were able to make Bondorella extra sparkly and brought Becky Sue’s 50 year-old paint to a mirror finish!
The CP7269P is light weight and powerful.  The Gasoline Girls have found this to be the case with a lot of Chicago Pneumatic’s tools.  Besides being a worldwide leading manufacturer of impact wrenches, Chicago Pneumatic develops many other tools that are comfortable and powerful.  Take their cordless drills (CP8335 ) for example, these little puppies have enough power to get the job done but they are practically a paperweight!  Kristin had a fun time walking around  ISN tool expo with this tool and encouraging people to feel for themselves how light it was. (Stay tuned for the event coverage piece from ISN)

The CP polisher is ergonomically designed and has a very low vibration, which made it easy to operate even on low quarter panels.  The pressure sensitive speed control took only a few seconds to get used to  and quickly became our best friend as we slowed down to carefully work around the more delicate trim pieces.

The soft rubber-grip handle kept the palms of our hands from wearing out from hours of polishing.  When polishing with some heavier electric models that do not have reduced vibration our arms and hands are trembling in pain by the end of the day.  With Chicago Pneumatic, at the end of our polishing session on Saturday, us gals still had the strength to wrap our hands around those big vintage steering wheels of ours and cruise our shiny old beasts into the sunset!  (God forbid we would  be too weak to put on a fresh coat of red lipstick and wave to passing cars!)  Thank you CP for continuing to help the Gasoline Girls Car Club make our rides even better!

Thank you CP for continuing to help the Gasoline Girls Car Club make our rides even better!

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