Rosie’s Girls Summer Camp

 JULY 25, 2011 – The Gasoline Girls pair up with the Rosie’s Girls for a day car fun!

Give a girl a hammer and dolly, and… well…  she’ll bang the heck out of a dent and love every minute of it! We learned this after spending a day with the girls of the Rosie’s Girls Summer Camp! I tell ya, camp for preteen girls sure wasn’t this cool when we were kids.

During this two week program, the Rosie’s Girls (yes, named after Rosie the Riveter!) get hands on instruction in skilled trades and technical fields, learning things like basic carpentry, welding, and yes, discovering all the joys of our hobby… CARS!!

A major component of the Gasoline Girl mission statement is to inspire and encourage, and from the beginning, we wanted a “cause” that would fit with that mission.  Kristin came across Rosie’s Girls and we immediately knew it was a perfect fit. The program is all about encouraging young girls to think beyond the boundaries; to try things traditionally only boys would get to do; to be hands on and get dirty. Sound familiar? You see why we love this program so much!

Vermont Works for Women founded Rosie’s Girls in 2000 because they wanted to expose girls to a variety of trades, but more than that, they wanted to build the girls’ confidence. The program has since expanded to Ohio, South Carolina, and yes, to Southern California!

We were honored to participate in their summer camp this year, a full day of sharing our passion for classic cars with nine to thirteen-year-olds, teaching them things like what makes a car move, basic car maintenance, and even a little body work.

The girls got to be a human motor complete with pistons and spark.

They learned to check oil and tire pressure.

They took hammers in hand and pounded dents out of fenders.

They even got to hitch a ride in the back of Bondorella!


Keeping a love of classic cars alive into the next generation is important in order to preserve an era of American steel and muscle not likely to be replicated. For the most part, these girls had no prior exposure to anything other than their parents’ modern cars, but by the end of the day, a classic-car-spark stirred inside the hearts of a few, that’s for sure, but more importantly, we hope each girl walked away with the desire to be independent, strong, and self sufficient, and to appreciate what’s been here for so long. And for us? We got to see the world through the eyes of a young girl again and simply play.

To see the full photo album, click the pic!

Thanks, Rosie’s Girls!

For more information on Rosie’s Girls, go here!

6 thoughts on “Rosie’s Girls Summer Camp

  1. Wow what a great activity. That is so cool that the Gasoline Girls found Rosie’s Girls. I really enjoyed the posting. So glad I signed up!

    1. Thanks, Jamie! We did much of the work: stripped the truck of all the paint and bondo, did the initial texturizing, then had a pro do the final texture and spray. It was tons of work, but SOOOO worth it! Here are some links to it in progress!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Summer Camp is good for growing child.. and that feed extra curriculum activity in child..and learn lot of thing.. A good way to share the fun and spread the sickness of old vehicles and wrenching.
    Have fun y’all.

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