Studie Gets Sparkly!

JULY 13, 2011Kristin Flakes Studie’s Roof with the help of the Gasoline Girls!

Just because I love grease, doesn’t mean that I don’t love sparkly things too! Before going to Viva this year, I wanted to add a little bling to my 1955 Studebaker Champion with a metal flake paint job. Thank goodness newest Gasoline Girl member Pati Fairchild had the painting skills to help direct this job! And thanks to Lori, you can watch the process in this fancy-pants video…

Studie and I have been through a lot together in the five years I’ve owned and drove her. I’ve become attuned to her original patina’d coral and white paint job. So originally the thought of changing her exterior in any way made me nervous. But the more I thought about adding a subtle sparkle to Studie’s white roof portion, the more I liked the idea.

Not knowing the first thing about how to paint, I was lucky to have an expert nearby. Pati Fairchildis the newest member of the Gasoline Girls. She also happens to be a professional paint and body chick who teaches the subject at El Camino College.

After polling friends on Facebook and looking through various paint samples, I paid a visit to Coast Airbrush in Anaheim for my final selection. I went in knowing I wanted an abalone sort of flake that would disappear in the shade but be super sparkly in the sun.

The friendly guy at Coast Airbrush highly recommended the House of Kolor Ice Pearl Flake. After being blinded by the sparkling white ice pearl in the sunshine, it didn’t take me long to decide it was the way to go. Besides, we used ice pearl on Lori’s truck and it is superb!

With Red and White House of Kolor Ice Pearls Flake in hand, I gathered up my fellow Gasoline Girls. We were all hands on the job as Pati walked us through the steps to give Studie a professional metal flake paint job!

We ended up doing three coats of White and Red House of Kolor Ice Pearl flake mixed into clear, covering that in two coats of plain clear – for a total of five coats. Pati showed me how to spray as she did the first coat and then I grabbed the gravity feed gun for the last four.

Gun in hand for the first time, I was a little nervous about how to paint. Keeping in mind that Pati told me to spray even and steady, I quickly found a rhythm. The ladies said I looked like a pro. I’ve gotta say I’m looking forward to my next chance to paint!

The Ice Pearl Paint sure does sparkle when the sun hits it right! Although ultimately I might want a heavier metal flake, I think the ice pearl flake was a great decision. It kept my patina’d roof looking just like it always has…but when the sun hits it, watch out! I’ve still got a ways to go before giving Stude the real body attention she needs. But until then, she’s got a little sparkle inside and out…just like me!

Every time the Gasoline Girls get together for a project we have so much fun! Thanks to all the ladies that helped during the process and continue to push me on in my learning. Looking forward to the next project…

If you know of any young ladies interested in car careers, check out El Camino College’s Women In Technology program!


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