A Year in Review

May 27, 2011 – The Gasoline Girls: One Year Down the Road, $4.50 a Gallon, and Still Not Outta Gas! 

This month the Gasoline Girls Car Club commemorates its one year anniversary. With 365 days and countless miles behind us, we look towards the future.  But before we discuss our goals on the horizon, we would like to take a quick glance in the rearview mirror to reflect on our achievements and give thanks to those who have helped along the way.

The Gasoline Girls Car Club began to take shape on May 12, 2010 when we voted on the club name.  Some of the proposed club names were: the Accelerator Pumps, Lead Foot Stilettos, Rod Knockers, Rumble-Hers and the Overheaters; but it was the Gasoline Girls that stood out as the obvious crowd favorite!

gasoline girls all ladies classic car club

Once we had a name, Alicia Hanson, of High-Octane Jewelry made quick work of designing the motor-heart logo that we have all grown so fond of.  Once we had the name and a logo, Adkins Prints gave us a great deal on our t-shirts, our friend Drew Westphal embroidered the patches, and our plaques were cast by the man known as “Stan the Plaque Man.” And, of course, we got our Lucky 13 plaid jackets, which truly make us stand out in a crowd!

The following month Kristin, Becky Sue, and Lori got the club Facebook page and website up and running.

We were now official, just in time for our car show debut at the Ventura Nationals.


Around this time Lori began adding some stellar photos and content to the web and in a short amount of time, we maxed out our allowed number of  Facebook friends! Thanks to this social networking site we have been able to connect with friends and supporters across the globe! We would also like to say a special thanks to the 37 subscribers who actively read our regular posts and thank you to the thousands of others who stop by our website! Thank you NBC for airing an interest segment about our club on the news at 5. This brought new participants to us, such as Adele!  We hope to encourage, inspire and motivate new people on a daily basis!

Now let’s talk about the amount of grease we have gotten under our manicures over the past year.

Our mechanical strengths have increased since our the first wrench night in June 2010 when Becky Sue & Rosa merely changed the oil in the Comet, bled the brakes, and replaced an air filter! Since then you have watched, read, and heard about the stories of the transmission replacement in Mojave, stripping, grinding, and clearing the lovable Bondorella, and Kristin’s roadside thermostat swap.  Not to mention, installing the V8 in the Comet and all the mechanical modifications that entailed, plus Rosa overcoming obstacles and insecurities of maintaining the Falcon without a man in the picture.

Of course, along the way we gave a little…

As much as we love to boost up the girl power, there are MANY MEN who have helped shape the Gasoline Girls into the women we are today. First and foremost we would like to thank Matthew Means and the rest of the crew at The Department of Customz (not only because Becky Sue is writing this article) but because they have continued to offer their support, expert advise, lend us tools, a helping hand and invited all the Gasoline Girls to utilize their facilities. Without the help of this team, Bondorella would not sparkle as she does; Studie’s exhaust system would not sing like it does; and Gita would not scream down the streets like a bat out of hell! Enough about Becky Sue’s man; all of the Gasoline Girls have a special man in their lives (sorry to break any hearts) that has had to endure lonely nights while we are out of town at a car show, or staying late at a meeting or wrench night.  Thank you fellas for your love, support and motivation.

We Gasoline Girls have been astonished by how many professionals have welcomed us into their shops to assist us with our cars. Luis Loyola, at Loyola Interiors tucked Kristin right under his arm and rolled Studie on in, teaching her how to install a headliner and custom interior all by herself! Tommy at Studebaker Parts and Service, in Long Beach, CA has opened his shop up for Kristin to work on everything from her engine to the suspension on her ’55 Champion. Dave, at LA Habra radiator happily spent last Saturday morning pressure testing & diagnosing Lori’s truck.

This car club has given us the opportunity to rub elbows with such legends as Gene Winfield, and George Callaway. We have developed a fond relationship with both of these men and are honored to be able to call them friends!


We have been fortunate enough to make business relationships with great companies like Chicago Pneumatic, MyRideisMe.com, System 51, and Stanley Tools. Thank you for your support and generous donations to our car club.


Thanks to all the hardworking folks at the small auto parts and hardware stores that have been honest to us and didn’t try to give us “the girl price.”

Up to this point all the Gasoline Girls club cars have been running and driving. We have encountered routine maintenance, mechanical repairs, performance upgrades, and aesthetic modifications. In this year ahead we will challenge ourselves to restore Rosa’s ’51 Hudson Commodore 8 and make her ’65 Falcon more road worthy.  Our goal is to understand complete systems more so that we can diagnose problems ourselves.

Since our newest member, Pati Fairchild, is a paint and auto body teacher at El Camino College, you will definitely see us do some body modifications to our cars in the years to follow.  We have not done wiring yet, and what better car to learn on than Pati’s 61 Chrysler New Yorker!

In order for us to improve we will need more education.  We would like to gather for workshops to learn about different aspects of automotive repair. If you are an expert in an automotive field, or may happen to know someone that would be interested in donating their time to teach the Gasoline Girls something new, please shoot us an email!

And most of all THANK YOU for supporting what we do by reading, commenting, and joining us for the ride. Here’s to many more spectacular years of Gasoline Girl madness! Now make like a Gasoline Girl and go out and get greasy!

3 thoughts on “A Year in Review

  1. I love the Gasoline Girls! It’s my pleasure every time we have a chance to hang out. All the best to you guys for another great year. See you at LA Roadster Show!

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