So Cal Event Hopping!

 MAY 18, 2011 Busy, busy Gasoline Girls! 

How much high-octane fun can a Gasoline Girl pull from a weekend? Just read on and see…



To honor our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY we celebrated our monthly meeting by wearing mighty stylish shoes and swinging colorful heavy balls at funny looking pins. We generally have a packed agenda but this one surpassed them all! We even had a couple of new girls join us, Michelle with her Comet and Bella with her BelAir. In addition to our traditional pow-wow–and our great bowling challenge–we celebrated…

The Birthday.

While some might want girly gifts—like a lovely frock—car-related things are what rev up the Gasoline Girls! (Not that we don’t enjoy a lovely frock too!) For Lori’s birthday, we presented her many gifts, but the vintage Craftsman toolbox stripped of paint and cleared to match her truck (complete with green and gold metal flake) really brought a tear to her eye! Our new El Mirage friend Bill laughed as Lori showed him her prize on Sunday. “It’s no Coach bag!” he said. Coach bag? Pshaw!!! It could never compare to this AMAZING toolbox!

Click the pic to see the full meeting album!

We also celebrated…

The Induction.

Since we’d never inducted a new member, we weren’t sure how to handle it. Should we have an initiation? A club oath to swear? Nah. We instead went subtle and secretly placed the club plaque on Pati’s car. When Pati didn’t notice, Lori aimed her camera and asked, “What’s on your car?” Being a body shop owner, Pati first checked the paint. “Where?” she asked.  Take two. “Hey. Is there something on your car?” She checked the body again, looking mighty confused. The crowd gathered round. Becky Sue cleared her throat, “What’s that on your window, Pati?”

FINALLY, Pati glanced up and spotted the oh-so-fantastic Gasoline Girl plaque propped against the rear window of her ’61 Chrysler New Yorker. She turned several shades of red and got a welcoming hug from Kristin. We are THRILLED to have Pati as part of group. Be sure to check out her profile. She’s quite an impressive lady.

Click the pic to see all the evenings pictures!



Shortly after we formed as a club, our friends from the Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo asked if we’d come to their show in May. But of course! The Gasoline Girls had to be guests at the Gasoline Gallery!


Click the pic to see the full Gasoline Gallery album!

If you’re not familiar with it, the Gasoline Gallery is the place for lowbrow hot rod art. Not only did we have a chance to check out a bunch of terrific cars, we also had the opportunity to talk to the artists behind the work, went for a “spin” in our friend Mark’s roadster, were interviewed by the local cable channel, and hit our record number of G-Girl cars at an event–a truly stellar day.

We’d planned to head to Pomona for the 1-Shot Paint event Saturday night, but by the time we got to Kristin’s house, we were beat. And since we had to get up super early for our Sunday adventure, Kristin made Rosa and Lori dinner, Rosa headed home, Lori hit the couch at Kristin’s house, and we zonked out and had sweet dreams of cracked earth and wide cerulean skies.



The alarm went off at 4:30 a.m., and Kristin made coffee for the trip to El Mirage. Lori fired up Bondorella with her Honda Trials bike in back, Kristin hopped in Studie and we headed off to meet Becky Sue and Pati at the dry lake. It rained en route, and we worried the races would be canceled, but fortunately it wasn’t enough to do any damage to the lake’s racing surface.

Click the pic to see all the El Mirage pictures!

El Mirage, the birthplace of hot rodding in Southern California, is a magical spot for anyone who loves automotive history. Over the last fifty years, the legends of SCTA land speed racing have spent time on this dirt, trying to break records just as they do at Bonneville. Bonneville has it’s salt; El Mirage has it’s wonderfully visual cracked dirt.

For photographers, the textures and colors of the dry lakes create magnificent backdrops to photograph the odd, the unusual, the speedy, the not-so-speedy. A little of everything can make a run out at El Mirage: belly tankers, motorcycles, streamliners, sidecars, roadsters… you name it, they’ve got a class for it, and plenty of people who want to give it a try.

We spent a good portion of the day hanging with our pal Gene Winfield as he prepped his Thing to run. Saturday he ran 135.117, a very good time, but he wanted to hit 141 on Sunday. Sunday, though, didn’t start off so hot. The battery hadn’t charged due to an alternator issue, so Kristin came to the rescue, offering up Studie’s Optima battery. Sadly, it didn’t solve the problem and he didn’t meet his goal, but as always, Gene remained smiling. And a little piece of Studie got to whiz down the track in the hands of a racing legend!

Two other highlights of the day:

Lori taught Kristin and Becky Sue how to ride her 1976 Honda TL125, and both were naturals on two-wheels. Oh, did they smile! Becky Sue said riding a motorcycle was better than a trip to Disneyland! Lori just grinned in return, proud to have corrupted them.

The other highlight?

Our new friend Larry let us drive his dirt track roadster! “Do you know how to drive stick?” he asked. Do we know how to drive stick. Ha!

We demonstrated just what fuels a Gasoline Girl! And oh how fun to drive a car intended for this kind of surface!!! Thanks for an unparalleled El Mirage experience, Larry!

So what do you think? Did we get gallons of high-octane fun out of our weekend? Heck yeah! We won’t forget it any time soon.

Thanks for making it through this rather long post, and for being our pals. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post from Miss Becky Sue on our One-Year Anniversary!

Until then…

Later Gators!


4 thoughts on “So Cal Event Hopping!

  1. Wow you girls sure are busy. Glad to see Patti joining the club. You girls are so kool and love ready the blog.
    Lator gators.

      1. Thanks for reading, Ruben! Keep on comin’ back! If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to the blog in the upper right corner of the main page. Happy motoring!

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