VLV14 – The Experience

MAY 11, 2011 – Now that you’ve read about Viva Las Vegas 2011 – The Journey – you’ve surely been wondering where the promised saga of complicated hair-dos, feats of unbelievable strength, and a little craziness on something called, Dance Dance Revolution is. We don’t want to keep you waiting on the edge of your seat any longer…

After making the trek over to Vegas on Thursday along with the Throttle Kings Car Club, the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, spraying  shop rags with the Gasoline Girl logo, and soaking in the hot tub. Come Friday morning though, our focus was the car show! The Viva Las Vegas car show is notorious for characters and pin-ups galore! And although the Gasoline Girls love getting dirty in the garage – we also like getting dolled up! So when each pin curl was in place and lipstick was properly applied…we were off to The Orleans for the car show.

Thanks to our buddies, The Atomics Car Club, who kept our spots saved until we showed up – we got the cars parked and our fancy dancy new banner hung up.

Friday isn’t as busy as Saturday…but we still had plenty of new friends to talk to and lots of cars to check out. Then of course…people were checking out OUR cars too! Ya can’t make a girl any prouder than having her hard work admired by the many passers-by!

When things got too hot under the sun at the car show, there were refrigerators full of Pabst beer (the official beer of all things Rockabilly) inside The Orleans.

As the car show closes its doors at night, people head indoors for the music and festivities of VLV. Since the Gasoline Girls didn’t have full access VLV passes, we headed out for other nightlife adventures.

After a busy day at the car show we’d worked up an appetite – so decided to head out for some good German food at Haufbrau Hause. Food wasn’t the only thing they offered there… Becky Sue and Kristin volunteered for a contest, not sure what they’d be getting into. They soon discovered that rather than drink the large, one liter, glass of beer they’d be holding it – it was a stein-holding contest. Both gave their best and outlasted a healthy number of the other 8 contestants…in fact of the seven ladies and three men entered – Kristin stayed in until second-to-last! All that wrenching on cars is good for the muscles it seems….a feat of unbelievable strength!

After dinner frivolities, we all headed over to The Orleans to be part of the VLV fun. Lori and Kristin spent their $1 budget in the slot machines…

While Becky Sue was in search of the bowling-pin-drink. Each year The Orleans offers a special Viva Las Vegas drinking cup at one of their many bars. The bars had two choices this year – a large beer bottle or a tiki cup – but not a bowling pin. Regardless…we’d seen some rockabilly cats walking around with one and Becky Sue was insistent upon finding one. Where do bowling pins live? The bowling alley of course!

Not only did Becky Sue find her bowling pin drink at the bowling alley – but we all discovered a crazy game called Dance Dance Revolution! Since we didn’t have access to all the dance floors filled with rockabilly bands – we decided we’d get our groove on in the arcade!

Saturday was another full day of car show activities.  Although Rosa’s Falcon wasn’t able to make the journey, she was able to join us girls on Saturday! There were tons of great cars which all of us ladies enjoyed looking at. But most of all, we enjoyed meeting and spending time with friends, and of course each other.

Although car-less at Viva, Rosa got to check out a finished example of her next project – a Hudson! We can’t wait to start wrenchin’ on that project!

Hanging out by our cars we got lots of chances to meet some of our many Facebook friends – such as Steve, who’ll be doing a feature on the Gasoline Girls for a soon coming new magazine, Munster Style!

As the sun set on Saturday night, things only seemed to heat up over at the car show. There was dancing, revving of engines, and some in-car parties going on!

The Gasoline Girls took it all in until we just couldn’t walk around any more.

After a good nights sleep and a relaxing Easter morning – it was time to hit the road before the onslaught of back-to-California traffic. Stopping at a couple of auto parts stores and the gas station before the traffic  jam getting onto the freeway made it seem like we’d never get out of town.

Eventually we were on the road, just the three of us. Taking it nice and slow to accommodate the Comet’s and F1’s engines we made it slow and steady across the desert. With about half of the 260 miles behind us, things got much slower. The traffic had caught up with us and we were hardly getting anywhere. When you’re caught in traffic on a road trip, sometimes extreme measures must be taken. A side-of-the-road pit stop was necessary (if you know what I mean.)

Glad for a rest, Becky Sue’s mom had invited us to stop for Easter dinner at their house. Everyone was glad for yummy food and rest from traffic and driving. Just when we’d thought the traffic was over, the sun was down and cars were stopped again. This time fog was the culprit. Over the El Cajon pass, visibility was almost zilch and cars were at a creep as they followed each other’s taillights edging closer to LA.

Nine hours after departing Las Vegas we were all finally home! As always, the journey was much improved by the presence of friends!

What adventures will our cars get us into next?? This coming weekend we’ll be busy and are sure to have adventures-a-plenty! Saturday is the Gasoline Gallery’s annual shindig, California Screamin’. On Sunday we’ll head up to El Mirage to catch land speed racing. Don’t miss a beat…subscribe to the Gasoline Girls blog posts on the top right-hand corner.

To catch even more Viva coverage, head on over to MyRideisMe.com – where Kristin writes as GreaseGirl and many others contribute too. Here’s a few Viva stories to get ya goin’…

4 thoughts on “VLV14 – The Experience

  1. Hi there lovelies…
    This was such a good article, I have to admit that I am such a sap that it made me tear-up at times! I too have huge aspirations and dream of the day I will see it all come together! I am the founder and San Diego Chapter president of Hot Bitches 4 Life. I have been a fan of Gasoline girls for quite some time now and I truly enjoy your page, info, pictures and motivation to make it happen for all us females out there…you are a wonderful inspiration!

  2. More and more, it looks like you had the time of your life….
    When is your first trip to Europe planned ?? :-)) so we can have our share of Gasoline Girls….

    Grz. Jos.

    1. Jos,

      We are all dying to take a Euro trip together but that is going to take A LOT of supporter t-shirt sales!

      Thank you for following our blog. Keep reading! The time of our lives is yet to come!

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