VLV14 – The Journey

 APRIL 29, 2011 – Three Gasoline Girls hit the road for Sin City

Without Viva Las Vegas, the Gasoline Girls wouldn’t exist.Two years ago, Kristin searched the Viva crowds for other girl car owners to profile on her Grease Girl blog and met Becky Sue. Being kindred spirits, they toyed with the idea of starting an all girl car club based in Southern California. This year, Kristin and Becky Sue saw the dream come full circle when the Gasoline Girls made their first trek to Vegas, the place where it all began.


Thursday morning, Kristin hopped in Studie, Becky Sue in Gita, and Lori in Bondorella and they met up with the Throttle Kings Car Club for a Vegas bound caravan. There’s something magical about riding in a line-up of classics, although we learned the Throttle Kings are named the Throttle Kings for a reason.

Studie’s 383 kept up fine, but speed is not a friend to Lori’s old Flathead, and since Becky Sue is still fine-tuning the new 302 and working out the bugs, we slowed it down.

The trip wasn’t without issues. Owning a classic means listening and interpreting what the beasts are trying to say, thus, THE PRECAUTIONARY PULLOVER–the Gasoline Girls new favorite term, one we hijacked from the CHP officer who checked on us after Gita’s temp gauge pegged to hot.

Oddly, Gita didn’t seem like she was overheating: no smell, no hissing, no gurgling overflow of nasty green coolant. Just the gauge moving to hot. Becky Sue wasn’t going to risk overheating her new engine, so made several precautionary pullovers. Just outside of Baker, after we stopped for some swell treats from the Mad Greek, Becky Sue got the answer to her problem, thanks to a phone diagnosis from her guy Matt. Sure enough, the gauge was the problem–a little grounding issue. A roadside repair involving a bit of electrical tape, and we were on our way with no more mystery overheating indications.

When we pulled into Vegas, Bondorella had some idling issues, as did Gita. (Gita needed her idle adjusted and Bondorella had a more significant carburetor issue). We checked in to the show, staked out a claim, and left Bondorella there to hold our spot.

Once settled in at our home away from home, we went all PUNK ROCK and rattle-canned some oil rags with the Gasoline Girls logo.

And yes! They are available on the LOOT page if you’d like one for your own pocket or toolbox. Spraying them made for some lovely black-tipped fingers to add to the grease already imbedded in our skin. But hey! Nothing a little red polish can’t disguise, right?!

After a long and exciting day on the road, the Gasoline Girls curled up on the couch in their jammies and watched their pal Faith Granger’s film Deuce of Spades, then fell fast asleep with sweet Gasoline Girl dreams of wheels whirring on pavement, the wind rushing through their hair, and the perfume of high octane fuel tickling their noses.

Tune in to see what happens when they wake up! Next VLV installment will feature complicated hair-dos, feats of unbelievable strength, and a little craziness on something called, Dance Dance Revolution. You don’t want to miss that!

Same Gas time, same Gas channel.


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