Gasoline Girls Get Crafty!

 FEBRUARY 14, 2011 – Banner News from the G-Girls!

Every now and then, a girl’s got to put down the wrench, wash off the grease, and take care of peripheral business (painful as that might be)–and that’s just what we did during our February meeting. For a while now, we’ve been talking about getting a logo’d banner to attach to our easy-up during events. Finally, our funds grew enough, so Becky Sue worked her negotiating magic and got a good quote for a vinyl banner, but buying it would drain our cash box. Not so good. So we had an idea… why not make our own? After all, we’re super creative girls, and hey, if we can swap a transmission in a car, why not spray a little paint on canvas? In addition to being a whole lot cheaper, we’d have something unique, something to look at with pride, something to make us stand apart, and hopefully not fall apart. With false bravado, we dove full-bore into the project.

Kristin found a great piece of grey canvas and sewed the ends and Pati used her sticker plotter to make a stencil for us (thank goodness, ‘cause otherwise it would have been all punk rock–not a bad thing really, but dang! This was so much better!).
Putting the sticker to canvas, though, did involve a bit of tedium: first cleaning out the cuts, then picking all the little pieces from the sticker backing. Becky Sue chewed her nails as we marked center on the canvas, peeled off the backing, and began the scary process of placing the stencil, sticky side down. Simple, right? Uh… not so much. Definitely the hardest part of the process. The stickers didn’t want to let go of the paper they’d been clinging to.

No problem for the Gasoline Girls, though! Some detailed exacto knife work and we made sure each tiny piece of the motor ended up in the proper spot on the canvas (take a close look at the logo and you’ll see how many little pieces that is!).

Whew. We breathed a collective sigh of relief when the last bit of backing came off and the stencil was in place. Some donut fuel, and we were ready to move on…

Now came the fun part! We grabbed the rattle cans, gave them good sturdy shakes, and went tagger happy on the canvas, each taking turns to mark our turf. Five black-tipped index fingers can prove it! A couple of coats, a good drying, some fun chatter and horseplay, a little official meeting business, and we were ready for a very, very special addition…

The pièce de résistance! This fabulous, red glittered heart!! How fantastic is that!!

We could brag and say all along we had confidence our banner would rock, but to be honest? None of us expected it to come out THIS great! Yeah… we’re pattin’ ourselves on the backs. Go along with it. We’ll get over ourselves soon.

Look for us at the next car show and come over and tell us how swellegant our crafty banner is (even if you think it sucks)… ’cause we’re mighty proud of it.

And now… it’s time to pick up the wrenches and get greasy again. The car projects are mounting, especially if we want all of our cars to make the drive to Viva Las Vegas in April!

As always, thanks for being our friends and listening to our silly stories. See ya next time!

The Gasoline Girls


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