Insecurities and Obstacles

 FEBRUARY 2, 2011 – Rosa Overcomes Fear and Tackles Callejera Projects

It’s been a good start of the year for me in getting downright greasy. It began with a tune-up since my car had been running unsteady and I wanted to start with the basics: spark plugs and spark plug wires. It was very exciting to do this since it was my first time doing it alone.

Sometimes I procrastinate tackling a project because I’m unsure I can actually do the job and then when I do it and succeed, I smack myself silly and say:  Girl it wasn’t no thing!! But it’s that insecurity that makes me hesitate and when I get ‘nuff balls to just do it, I realize my fear of screwing up and doing it wrong is what made me wait so long. But that’s how one learns and if it goes wrong, well at least now you know and the second time it’s not so intimidating.

But fear isn’t my only obstacle.

Callejera is the only car I have right now, so if I come across a problem, I have to walk to the nearest auto parts store. For instance, with a recent tube-bending project. Since Kristin, Lori and I had done this already, I figured one 5/16 steel tube was all I needed.  Well… was I wrong. Just when I almost had the bend right, the darn thing broke–one wrong bend and I had two pieces. Yeah… frustration crept up, now what??? Oh well. Gotta take that walk–and quickly before the sun goes down. Well… I made it back before the sun went down but they did not have my part… grrr! It would have to wait until tomorrow, so I moved on to the trunk seal that needed to be done a year ago.

And hit another obstacle.

I took the old rubber out (very old my car is a 65′) and it wasn’t hard–all I needed was a small scraper and a wire brush. I started scraping away. I was done rather quickly but I didn’t have the adhesive. Progress stopped. I’d have to pick that up at the auto parts store the next day, too.

So the next day… I began putting on the adhesive and I had my little girl helping me hold the new trunk seal—a nice mother and daughter bonding moment. Sure enough after all was done the trunk wouldn’t close.  I quickly called Dr. Destroyer, a.k.a. Lori.  We agreed to simply adjust the trunk latch so it would close.  It took a good 30 minutes to find the exact fit. I was ready to put a tire on top of the trunk and leave it for tomorrow but I attempted one last time, and that did the trick.  All I was thinking was Christine, the part of the movie where Arnie tells her “SHOW ME.”

And then what happened? After finally getting it shut, I realized my keys were inside. Good thing for spares. Stuff like that, though, can’t get me down.

In addition to the transportation issue, and the fear issue, I have two small kids, which some might see as an obstacle. I turn it into something else. A learning experience. I gave a how-to lesson for my kids on my oil change. They’re great at asking what I’m doing now, so there I was explaining how you drain the old, yucky, dirty oil from the oil pan. It was great to see them react when the bolt was removed and they watched the oil drain out till the last drop. It took a long time they said.  My son documented what he could on camera; he is a good photographer. What a great day for my kids and me.

So even with all of my insecurity and obstacles, I got my spark plugs and wires changed, my oil changed, my trunk seal on, had welding work done on my truck, and put in a new air modulator line.

Yes, people! I am a greasy Gasoline Girl determined to not let obstacles get me down as I learn and hopefully inspire you all to get to work on those classic cars–and no, even though I’m new at this, I’m not the least bit annoyed by the setbacks. It’s life and what does one do when we have setbacks in life?  Do our best and keep at it.

As for now, Stay Greasy and I’ll keep you posted on my adventures with my kids and my car.

Oh! And pedal to the metal baby!!!

La Pantera


Next up? Coverage of the Grand National Roadster Show, and the next installment of the Comet motor swap!


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