On Route to a G-Girl Meeting…

JANUARY 22, 2011 – Kristin’s Roadside Adventure!

Last Friday was our monthly Gasoline Girls meeting – and I almost didn’t make it!

My car had started acting up with overheating problems the day before. Hoping to avoid traffic, I left LA for Orange County around 2pm. It wasn’t early enough. Within thirty minutes I had reached stop and go traffic and was stranded roadside.

But that isn’t enough to stop a dedicated Gasoline Girl! Using knowledge from a previous wrench night on Rosa’s car – I was able to deal with my overheating problems all by myself and make the fix roadside!

By the time all was said and done, I may have been a little late to the meeting…but I made it there! Check out the full story over on my GreaseGirl blog – I Did It…Overheating Problems Fixed Roadside.

Overheating aside…I enjoyed spending a little one-on-one time with my car. It was definitely cool to be able to fix Stude myself and celebrate with Gasoline Girls when I was finished!

Until our next adventure,

Happy Trails!


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