Happy 2011!

 JANUARY 16, 2011 – A New Year with the Girls!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! We have turned the page on the calendar and are itchin’ to burn off the starting line! We had a super productive first meeting of the year, filled with plans for taking our cars and friendships to the next level. We’re putting together our respective “to do” lists and maintenance schedules for the year, and you can bet, will help each other reach those goals–’cause that’s what Gasoline Girls do!

In addition to our four members, we had three participants join our meeting as well.
Thanks to Reno, Pati, and Michelle for hanging out with us, and to Michelle for bringing her fabulous ’52 Willies Aero! Congrats on your new purchase. We’re looking forward to getting greasy with all of you.

Coming soon, you’ll find information about the Gasoline Girls participants on the Meet the Girls page, under Meet the Participants.

During the meeting we talked a lot about keeping our cars roadworthy–our primary focus–but we do of course plan on hitting up plenty of events. Check out our calendar to find out when and where, and if you know of a cool event, be sure to pass it along!

In case you didn’t know, the Gasoline Girls have partnered with Chicago Pneumatic, and will continue to contribute to their monthly newsletters. If you haven’t seen it, by all means check it out. The folks there are doing a fantastic job putting together an informative and fun read. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them and using their fantastic products! Like the swell impact wrench they sent us! Thanks, Chicago Pneumatic!

A while back we mentioned supporter shirts, and yes, they are still in the works; we’re simply refining the design and working through the process. Stay tuned for details.

So there it is. The nitty grit of the meeting.

But our evening wasn’t ALL business.

We of course had to have a little hooligan fun and test out Becky Sue’s new 302. WOW!! Can that little Comet move! Pretty soon she’ll share all the details with you, including the reason behind the motor swap and the process. Pretty major stuff!

All right now, buckle up kiddies, ’cause here we go! Revving off the line into another fabulous year filled with swellegant people, super rad cars, and rockin’ events! Let’s make it a fun 2011!

And as always, come say hello if you see us out and about! We love makin’ new friends! If you haven’t already, subscribe to the blog, and friend us on Facebook!


3 thoughts on “Happy 2011!

      1. Only 80 MPH so far. Yvette’s clutch is worn and I need to put a new one in. I plan to take her to Willow Springs one day… I think going to the Bonneville Salt Flats would be the safest place for a high speed run. I’m happy to just have a neat car to attend car shows with. 🙂

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