Rosa’s Petersen Adventure!

DECEMBER 8, 2010Rosa takes two-year-old Mia and four-year-old Joaquin to the Petersen Automotive Museum!

I’d never been to the Petersen’s Automotive Museum, and being into cars, one would think that was an absolute must. I’d wanted to check it out for a while now and the opportunity came with the 5th annual CARnival Family Fun Day! To my surprise, it was also the 2nd annual garage sale and swap meet. I got in for half the usual price, now how cool is that!

From what you know about me, I love bringing my kids to any car show I can, so naturally we had to attend this event. It took place on the third floor at the May Family Discovery Center. Not only did they have arts and crafts activities–like draw the car of your dreams and decorate a Hot Wheel (which we got to take home)–the kids were also treated to face painting and balloon twisting by the Silly Sally Clowns! Those girls were talented; the kids requested and they delivered.

But the fun had only just begun! The room was filled with so many hands-on learning activities from giant rotating gears dangling overhead which moved by turning a wheel, to looking inside a transmission to see how shifting works, and man did the kids enjoy shifting!  There were also demonstrations on how the electrical system works, as well as the purpose of a differential–all very important parts. Although I tried to cover most of the fundamental elements, my eyes had to be multitasking… but it was a great experience.  I absolutely loved it.

Even though I had to chase my kids around, I made my rounds on the other two floors of the museum, making sure Joaquin and Mia still enjoyed what the museum had to offer.

So if you haven’t done so yet, go check it out for yourself. And girls, even though some of you might not think this is fun, it is, and although it might sound boring, it’s not! Get out there and learn, or if you have kids, nieces or nephews, cousins, you get my drift, have them check it out. You might spark their plug and realize they actually like this car-stuff business. This is a great way to inform yourself about what goes on in that car you drive, plus you’ll learn all sorts of facts about Automotive History and why it’s so cool.  You’ll come out with more car knowledge and it’ll make sense when you wonder what the heck the repair person is talking about, or for those of you tackling the job yourself, it’ll be a lot easier.

I encourage you to go and have fun at the Petersen’s Automotive Museum you’ll thank me later. Go check em’ out at too! Can’t wait to go back!

For now, stay greasy and pedal to the metal!

La Pantera


2 thoughts on “Rosa’s Petersen Adventure!

  1. Man! I should have gone with you! Sounds like I could have benefited from some of those displays, like how the rear differential works since I want to swap the rear end on the Comet after we drop the 302 in it!

    Great inspirational story Rosa! Thnaks for sharing!

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