The Joys of SoCal Car Life…

DECEMBER 5, 2010 – It’s been an action-packed couple of weeks for the Gasoline Girls! Southern California’s abundance of car events has really kept us hoppin! Check out the highlights:

Filmmaker Faith Granger premiered her Deuce of Spades film in Fillmore, CA., and made the day a truly unforgettable experience by transforming the small town into a 1950s paradise, from the cars and the people and the bands, to the lunch served on a 50s era train car. And the film! Wowie! It’s a glorious love story between not only a boy and a girl, but between man (or woman!) and his or her car. It honors California Hot Rod Culture in a way that hasn’t been done before, or at least not this well.  It’s a must see. Go buy it now.

The following weekend, we headed to the premiere of Hot Rod Havoc 4 in Santa Ana. Becky Sue and Kristin helped out on stage by tossing out schwag to the crowd (Becky Sue in her Miss Long Beach Car Show 2010 sash!), while Rosa and Lori cheered them on from the sidelines.

The biggest event over the last few weeks was the Huff-a-rama “Save a Beard, Heal a Fabricator” event in Colton. All four Gasoline Girl cars made it there without incident–other then Google Maps getting them lost en route to breakfast! There was an amazing turnout for the show, thanks to the love and respect so many have for the legendary Bo Huff. People donated tons of items for the auction: Pinstripped panels, artwork, clothing… In all, over $25,000 was raised to help Bo with his cancer treatments. Now he needs everyone’s good thoughts to continue fighting the battle. Send all your positive vibes his way.

If you attended Huff-a-rama and saw us being trailed by a film crew, no, we didn’t just rob a bank. The Gasoline Girls will be featured in a documentary on women who push traditional boundaries. Check out Stark Raving Madeleine’s inspiring project. So far, she’s interviewed some pretty intense girls. We’re honored and humbled to be in the company of such fine women.

Of course we had to get in some wrenchin’! Becky Sue’s Comet had been stalling (conveniently just as lights turned green), so she went through the entire fuel system until she solved the problem by changing the fuel filter and cleaning out her carburetor. New points helped as well. Now Gita is running better than ever(*more on that in a minute). Rosa’s Falcon Callejera, however, got jealous and decided she too needed her carburetor cleaned. Callejera hadn’t been running so hot, so the four of us got together and took the carb apart. This carb, however, was a bit different then Becky Sue’s two-barrel Holley, and we had some bearing location issues–all part of the learning process, right? And then Dr. Destroyer (aka Lori) man-handled the plastic lever and, um… broke it. But it all turned out for the best. The carb was old and worn out, and needed to be replaced, which Rosa did. Now she has a nice fresh carb and is ready to tackle the next item on the list: new plugs and wires.

(*)So remember a minute ago when I said, “Gita is now running better than ever”? Ummm… strike that. Friday morning when Becky Sue fired up the car, Gita made a “thunking” sound, idled rough as can be, and started spewing white smoke. Not good. Even though the little inline-six has only 59,000 miles, she’s fifty-years-old and tired! We’re thinking maybe she threw a rod. Looks like we’re going to have some long nights in the garage depending on which path Becky Sue decides to follow on the road to fixing her. Stay tuned for much more on that.

A while back, Kristin bought all the girls blocks of wood with axles to be transformed into Derby cars for the Bigfoot Lodge’s monthly Pinewood Derby. Kristin made a fine rocket-inspired beast, Becky Sue a miniature of her Comet complete with Gasoline Girl logo… and Rosa and Lori? Umm… yeah. Their cars still look like blocks of wood. Rosa had the whole carburetor issue to deal with and was without a car because of it, and Lori had been so buried in editing a video of the Gasoline Girls (stay tuned for more on that), she just plain forgot to carve her masterpiece. Although neither Kristin nor Becky Sue won the race, they made a great showing with a couple of fine cars. Maybe next month we’ll have all four cars on the track and kick some Pinewood Derby booty!

Whew. This update has gone on much too long. Check in next time for details on the Girls in the Garage seminar we attended at El Camino college in Torrance.

Next up? The MoonEyes Christmas Party, the Hell’s Belles Doll Drive, and of course… BECKY SUE’S BIRTHDAY!!!

Until next time…

Later Gators and Gatorettes!

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