Winners in Long Beach!!!

NOVEMBER 10, 2010 – Pinup Pageants, Bondo Beauty Queens, & a Falcon Photoshoot! A great time was had by all at this year’s Long Beach Car Show

The Long Beach Car Show at the Rainbow Lagoon Park has always been known as the place where “Cars, Art, and Music Collide” but this year it will be forever remembered as the place where the Gasoline Girls Ruled the Show! We came, we saw, we conquered all while parading around in a swimsuit and heels! Well… one of us at least!

The LB Car Show’s promoter, Kevin Rheault, always holds this car show as a cancer fundraiser in memory of his son who passed away from Leukemia. This year a portion of the proceeds went to the Bo Huff cancer treatment fundraiser. And the Gasoline Girls were proud to be a part of it! Rheault’s annual pin-up pageant hosted by the gorgeous Miss Christine Fury always draws a big crowd. Unlike past pageants, this year the premise was a little different. This contest was to be a “Lowbrow Ladies” Pinup Pageant. What does this mean you ask? Well, a lowbrow lady is one involved in the car culture in one way or another, think pin stripers, welders, hairdressers, tattoo artists and that’s right Gasoline Girls! After the Bedlam Ball pin-up pageant we said we needed to get involved in these for club promotion and Rheault’s contest sounded right up our alley!

I (Miss Becky Sue Huff)  volunteered for the task! As a pin-up photographer myself, I have always been drawn to these events. The first round consisted of a “garage attire” competition and an intro about yourself and what you contribute to the scene. I  wore the most amazing vintage-inspired coveralls designed by My Baby Jo. For creativity bonus points I had my name and the Gasoline Girl’s logo embroidered on them and carried an enormous wrench onto the stage! I informed the crowd about our club, the members, our purpose and our website. I made sure to let all the gals there know we are always looking for some new manicures on the manifold!

Round two was swim wear. For this I chose to wear “The Bombshell Swimsuit” in green by Pinup Couture and I carried a vintage Polaroid Land Camera as a prop. The suit was so comfortable and flattering, worth every penny! (Can you tell I dig this girlie stuff?) So, long story short, I nailed the question section in the second round and went on to become the new reigning Miss Long Beach Car Show 2010!!! I received a sash, all sorts of goodies, and a $300 cash prize which I am donating the to the good of the car club.

Now, on to more girly things:  sparkly, shiny things, like Lori’s F1 and the bitchen valve cover trophy she received for the “Best Classic” category at the Long Beach Car Show! That’s right, from Bondo Queen to Beauty Queen, all of the countless painstaking hours of hard work restoring this 1948 Ford F1 payed off.  The sparkly ice pearl and final texture (Thanks Department of Customz) of Lori’s bare metal truck caught the eye of the judges! Miss Lori Bentley Law was called to the stage to receive her trophy.

This was a day of many first for us: Bondorella’s first trophy, Becky Sue’s first pin-up pageant, and even Rosa’s Callejera was used in it’s first pin-up photo shoot! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more greasy, girlie, Gasoline Girls!

Becky Sue Huff
Miss Long Beach Car Show 2010


2 thoughts on “Winners in Long Beach!!!

  1. Hi my name is laura martinez ,I’m a promoter for the north county san diego county and orange county area. I am having on event nov 27th for all the single mamitas in north county and. Also to celebrete my 33rd birhday party . This year I want to have something new to my are and a all ladies car club would be perfecto!!! I would like to invite you to be part of this special night event for me I run club 101 in oceanside 1105 n.coast highway oceanside 92054 very nice place with a sunset view of the ocean. We will have old school and oldies and the best of 80s 90s mixs so please talkto. Your club girls and hope I get to meet you all on the 27th .my number for any questions 760 5868645 laura aka miss medusa

    1. Hey Laura! Thanks so much for the invitation. Sounds like a blast. Unfortunately, we’re already committed to attend the Bo Huff fundraiser in Colton on the 27th. Please keep us in mind for future events!!

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