Gasoline Girls on the Road

NOVEMBER 3, 2010 – Along with wrenchin’ our rides, we LOVE driving them and spending time with car people, and  last week, we had plenty of opportunities to do just that.

By now, many of you know we joined the Fly by Knights car club in their “Mojave Mile” trek to the Winfield Watson Show—“110 cars per rollin’ mile” cruisin’ through the desert toward Mojave.

What a cool experience! Becky Sue in Gita, Kristin in Studie, Lori in Bondorella and a whole bunch of other classic beauties headed out in the early morning hours… sadly, it ended much too soon with the now infamous Bondorella Breakdown. But it didn’t dampen our spirits. We continued on, and had a blast in Mojave. The show drew people from all over the country. It wasn’t a “scenester” show but rather a gathering of people who have spent their lives in the car world. We learned a ton from everyone we talked to. That’s the joy of shows like this, quenching our thirst for knowledge and wow! what a knowledge base we  tapped in to. Many thanks to everyone who offered advice and opinions and generally welcomed us into the fold. Can’t wait until next year! (Lori will make sure Bondorella has a FULL tank of gas next time!)

Halloween weekend, we joined The Black Widows all-girl car club to celebrate their 10th Anniversary/2nd Annual Costume Party in Burbank. It was the FIRST time in our six months as a club that ALL FOUR official Gasoline Girl cars made it to the same event!!! Woo hoo! And what a fun event it was. Great music. Spooky costumes. Super cool cars. The girls of the Black Widows are an inspiration. Not only have they kept the club active and together for ten years, they are wonderfully warm and welcoming and supportive of other girls, and they have OUTSTANDING taste in cars! We’re looking forward to many more years of getting to know them and seeing their incredible rides continue to evolve.

Three Girl Clubs! Black Widows, Hell’s Belles, and Gasoline Girls!

Gasoline Girls Kristin and Rosa celebrated their birthdays the end of October—SAME DAY, SAME YEAR. What are the odds? We partied it up with cupcakes at Winfields, and surprised Kristin with a necklace from Hi-Octane Jewelry, and Rosa with some new tools. Rosa got another, super cool gift for her birthday: a 1951 HUDSON. How fantastic is that?? It wasn’t a total surprise. She’s known for a few weeks her hubby planned on giving her the car, but now it’s a reality. Yes, it’s a project car, but what a amazing project, huh? Be sure to check back for progress reports.

SEMA hits Las Vegas again this week, so of course Kristin climbed into Studie and headed to Sin City to cover the event for My Ride is Me. If you see Kristin a.k.a. Grease Girl, be sure to bend her ear. She loves talkin’ cars more than just about anything. And of course, check out her reports on My Ride is Me and her Grease Girl Blog.  Becky Sue will also be there with The Department of Customz and as always, spreading the word about the Gasoline Girls!


Word just came in that Becky Sue has been selected as a Lowbrow Ladies Pinup finalist in the Long Beach Car Show this weekend!! We’re so proud of her! It’s her first ever contest, and she could use all the support you can throw her way. Please come out to the Rainbow Lagoon Park and scream LOUDLY for Miss Becky Sue! Not only is she a purty lil’ thing, she’s passionate about all things car culture and could be a true inspiration to other young ladies out there itchin’ to find their place in the car world.

Whew. That’s plenty of news for ya, huh? November should be exciting, with the Huff-a-Rama and the premiere of Deuce of Spades… and of course, BECKY SUE’s FIRST PINUP WIN!!! (Yes, we’re being optimistic!)

Thanks for checkin’ in and giving us such great support. We love you all! Oh! And speaking of that, due to high demand (ahem…) we will soon have ladies and guys supporter shirts available! How cool is that? Be the first kid on your block to have one!

Until next time…

Later gators and gator-ettes!


3 thoughts on “Gasoline Girls on the Road

    1. Sorry got the info I needed I have a 83 GMC pickup and am always needing to be worked on always been into the car and bike thing so how do i sign up.

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