Long Beach Motorama

SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 – Becky Sue and Kristin got to motor on down to the Long Beach Motorama last Friday – to be amazed and inspired by all the top-notch custom cars! This was the first year of this show’s revival – although it all began in 1958 thanks to the Renegades Car Club.

Of course there were tons of customs on display both inside the Long Beach Arena and outside around the Rainbow Lagoon – some inside the arena were contending for the $20,000 Kustom D’Elegance Award. (see more by checking out Kristin’s articles at MyRideisMe.com)

There were also some cool historical cars (such as Larry Watson’s), Renegade Car Club memorabilia, and the Wall of Legends. The wall of legends is recognizing and documenting the legends of the first generation of car customizers.

We had a great time checking out all the cars. And of course, hanging out with friends and making new ones. Gene Winfield was there along with over a dozen cars he’s worked on! While we were hanging out with Gene, the couple who built/own an amazing 1959 Cadillac, that was in the running for the Kustom D’Elegance Award, came by and we got to meet them – very cool people! Gene had spent a couple weeks over in Australia with them – not only painting the car but also giving a workshop. Word has it, there’s an 18 year old girl interning with them that Gene called a “fantastic welder”… too bad she isn’t in So Cal, we’d have to recruit her to be a Gasoline Girl!

The next show we’ll be at is coming up this Saturday – The Bedlam Ball in San Pedro. A couple weeks later will be Gene Winfield’s show up in Mojave. Plan on coming to one of these events and say hi!


One thought on “Long Beach Motorama

  1. So many nice sweet Rides, but it’s no good if you don’t drive them! Just too show a car on a show floor is a wast!

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