The Gasoline Girls on TV!

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 – The Gasoline Girls had a pretty exciting week last week!

Wednesday, the super-swell guys from Pickups Limited invited us to their monthly car show at Ruby’s in Anaheim, and we happily agreed!

It was especially exciting for Lori since it was the debut show for Bondorella, her ’48 Ford truck. Mary and Shelby both came out in Mary’s Rambler American, and of course Becky Sue in her Comet (with the Packard also making an appearance thanks to Matt), and Kristin in her Studebaker. We had such a great time at the event, we stayed until the Ruby’s carhops finally had to boot us out (nicely of course)!

Here’s the funny part…

As usual, we posted pictures on Facebook. Those pictures intrigued Lori’s reporter at NBC, Vikki Vargas, and that led to a news management pitch. The powers that be loved the idea of doing a story on a group of girls who wrench on their cars! It so happened that Becky Sue, Kristin, and Mary were getting together later in the day to work on Mary’s Rambler—a wrench day Lori couldn’t attend because she was working. After making a few calls to get everyone on board, Lori and her reporter joined the girls at the secondary Department of Customz location and shot the segment. It aired during the five o’clock news, complete with a live shot in the shop with the cars. It made for a super fun work day for Lori, and a new adventure for the Girls. Be sure to check out the segment!

Click the Pic and watch the story!

In the wrench realm, we’ve been busy. Becky Sue and Kristin put new wind-lacing in the Comet.

The old lacing.

Kristin did some nice paint-work on her emblems. Lori and Becky Sue put a new fuel tank in the Ford. And the big job…

Lori’s Bondorella is getting disassembled again, this time, for a nice coat of clear.

With no paint on her, she’s rusting fast. The Gasoline Girls are going to do all of the prep, including taking the sheet metal off again, doing some shaping, texturing the truck and cleaning the metal, and Matthew Means from Department of Customz will give her a nice coat of House of Kolor clear—with a little surprise inside….

Learning to Bump Metal

Rosa’s Falcon is in need of some attention since Callejera is still having temperature issues, so we need to spend some time with her, and Kristin needs new steering bushings in Stude. So much to do, so little time!!

The Long Beach Motorama is in full swing, and while we won’t be there as a group because of work schedule conflicts, we’ll all make it individually! If you see our jackets, grab us and say hi.

Stay tuned for another scintillating update next time…


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