Primer Nationals!!

SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 – We did it! Well, almost…

The four founding Gasoline Girls made it to Primer Nationals, but sadly, not all four rides. Lori’s ’48 was running a wee bit hot and wasn’t quite ready to make the hundred mile trek. But Kristin’s Studebaker, Becky Sue’s Comet, and Rosa’s Falcon all did mighty fine.

Friday night we met up at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank for our monthly club meeting and as a take-off point for the journey north.

The place was hoppin’! Tons of cars. Tons of people. Tons of fun. After a lovely dinner, Kristin, Becky Sue, and Rosa rumbled away, leaving Lori wiping away a tear as she waved them on. But don’t worry! She joined them on Saturday.

Saturday brought a day filled with meeting people, bonding with other clubs, checking out amazing rides, listening to swell music, and hanging out in the most amazing trailer ever, owned by the fabulous Chryss Terry. Thanks, Chryss!

In return, Becky Sue bought Chryss a merman. Yes. A merman. Every girl should own one.

Sunday, the show quieted down, but no worries! It gave us the chance to see the cars at a more leisurely pace, visit the stupendous vendors (like Gene Winfield!), and make more friends.

All in all, the event was a smashingly successful debut for the Gasoline Girls. We laughed, we cried, we learned about Pee-Pee-Teepees… um… yeah. Google it.

Thanks to everyone who came up and talked to us, gave advice, shared knowledge, and offered friendship. We treasured every moment.
(For even more coverage, check out Kristin’s article over at

Next up? Cruise Night at the Anaheim Ruby’s sponsored by Pickups Limited, Wednesday September 15th. Not doing anything? Come on by and say hello!

And of course, we’ll be doing wrench nights whenever the call for help goes out. To the Gas-Phone! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s the Gasoline Girls donning coveralls, carrying wrenches, and flying to the rescue! … okay. Maybe not flying. More like coaxing our old beasts into reasonable accelerations en route to the emergency.

Until next time…


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