Rollin’ Strong!

AUGUST 30, 2010 – Last year at this time, a yet-to-be-named all girls car club was simply an idea in Kristin and Becky Sue’s minds. They wanted a club of girls who genuinely had the desire to work on their cars and grow their knowledge base. So over time, they sought out like-minded girls, had a few casual meet-ups, wrote by-laws and a mission statement for the club, and finally their dream became a reality. Now the GASOLINE GIRLS are rolling strong, learning tons, and building bonds along the way.

Next weekend marks our debut event as a club at the Primer Nationals in Ventura. We’ve been working hard, both as individuals and as a club, to get our rides rolling.

Kristin’s Studebaker is stronger than ever after a couple intense wrench sessions (including putting in a new tranny) out in Mojave, where Stude had been stranded.

Becky Sue’s Comet has a brand spankin’ new radiator and motor mounts after an unfortunate incident involving a broken motor mount that sent the engine’s fan smashing into the radiator.

1961 comet tail lights

rockabilly girl mechanics wrench on classic cars

Lori’s Ford F1 will be on the road for the first time in three years with all new everything, including a Mercury flathead and a (not-yet-done) bare metal finish.

Car Club girls work on Lori's F1

Rosa’s Falcon has a new alternator and starter and we’re working out the electrical demons that cause the engine to die when the headlights come on. Rosa also re-purposed Becky’s old radiator!

In honor of our first event together, we have our plaques and jackets and t-shirts… but more important than that, we have a strong commitment to each other and to making sure our old beasts are the best they can be.

If you roll out to Primer Nationals, be sure to come say Howdy! We’re a pretty friendly group of girls. We don’t bite, despite our charming nicknames… (Pantera, Abuser, Enforcer, Destroyer)


4 thoughts on “Rollin’ Strong!

  1. Be still, my heart.

    In the photo of the Comet being jacked up, the right jackstand ain’t sittin flat. I’m guessing you whacked it square, but I mention it cuz you girls are way too fine to get smooshed.

    This site made my day, thanks, and nice rides, too.

    1. Glad we could make your day, Phil! And yeah… we ended up ditching the jack-stands cause we couldn’t find a level surface. Thanks for reading! If you’d like to read more, subscribe to the blog on the front page. Simply put in your email, and you will get a notice when we make a new post!

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